Best Rig Yet!

We are excited to offer what we think is the best rigging of a Wavewak to maximize the fishing here in the Pacific Northwest.  This configuration was arrived at after working through a fishing season fishing in Puget Sound as well as in the local lakes.  Here are some of the features and the thought process behind them.

Scotty products.

You will notice that everything is Scotty. That is for many reasons. First quality and availability are unmatched.  You can find a variety of different Scotty products at all the local sporting goods stores, and if all else fails, Amazon.  In addition, most people out here are running Scotty products on their big boats, so if you want to use something from the big boat you can just switch it over.  Scotty is from around here so they know the kind of things we want on our boats. Finally they have a variety of products, not just the ones pictured here, such as a pulley  for pulling up crab pots, anchor attachment, sea light, etc. and all of them will fit in the flush mount receivers.  We can modify and put exactly what you want on the boat!

Rocket Launchers in the back

We put rocket launchers on the back in order to maximize the under deck storage space.  With the other type of through hull rod holders that space was virtually unusable. However, with these it opens that space back up for a number of little things that are good to have along.  We recommend that if you are wanting easy access you use the front but extra stuff, works great under there.  Rocket launchers also detach and stow if you are sightseeing or transporting.  Work great as rod holders if you are flatlineing behind the boat and put the net in easy reach.

Scotty Gear Head Extender

After fishing it for a season we learned a lot. First we moved the front rod holder mounts back.  Moving up in the boat and shifting your weight while dealing with a paddle in order to get your rod out of a holder because you have a hook up, is just too much chaos.  So we moved them as far back as was possible without going to an expensive rail system. The gear head extender also moves the rod up and back allowing you to just reach up  when you hook up.  Trolling is one of the most effective methods for the pursuit of salmon, kokanee, or trout and this allows you to get the rod and line up and out of your way so you can have a clean efficient paddle stroke.

Downrigging Made Simple.

The unique design of the Wavewalk 500 makes downrigging really simple.  First we are able to deploy the downrigger ball forward and right between the uprights. Usually kayakers are forced to deploy over the side.  If you snag in current that is not going to go well.  But with the forward deployment, if you were to snag in current it would act like an anchor and just swing the front around.  Still a pain in neck but not the safety concern of a flipped kayak.  To deploy you are able to reach up and grab the release, hook your line in and then go around the front and begin to let your weight down. This means that when a fish hooks up it will be on the side (left in the picture) after it comes unclipped and your downrigger ball is forward and out of the way to fight the fish.  Deployment and retrieval is front and center, so no awkward yoga moves to put it out.  In addition, because your line is under the boat and close to the bow, you are able to get the full stroke of a paddle.  When trolling against current or in the wind you will truly appreciate this set up. The Scotty laketroller with a 4lb weight is the model we are currently using but you can upgrade to the bigger downriggers without any difficulty.

We are really excited about this set up and look forward to the results of this season!  If you want a set up for this area the Northwest model is the way to go.  And if you want to target fish that are in 30-80+ feet of water, then a downrigger is the tool you need!  This is by far our best rig yet!

Introducing the

 Northwest Downriggin'

​Check out the boat in action!