The newest boat in the Wavewalk fleet, this tandem kayak has bigger and better features, taking the gold standard in stability to new levels. It is a great kayak or motorize it and you have the most versatile cartop micro skiff!


An awesome single super stable fishing kayak. 360 lb weight capacity but only weighs 60 lbs.  Standup paddling, lots of rigging options for every kind of use from fishing to touring.

Two Great Models to Chose From!

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Kayak hunting is an extreme sport often made downright dangerous by trying to hunt in icy water in a SOT (sit on top) kayak. The Wavewalk is stable, roomy, and yet easily camo'd and equipped to suit your hunting style and needs.  Hunt areas that others can't get to and you don't have to lay down while your shooting!

Motorize it!

This boat is so versatile you can put an electric or a 2hp gas motor on it.  Check out the accessories and what is possible!


This boat was designed with fishing in mind.  It is truly a stand up fishing platform. Comfortable, roomy, and able to be rigged to meet the fish that you are going after.  Find out about the features and some of the great options available to customize your kayak.